Application for Candidacy

Graduate students must be approved for candidacy for a degree in accordance with the procedures approved by the individual college or department. In general, master's students should file applications for admission to candidacy with the college office as soon as the following have been completed: at least 12 semester hours of graduate work at this institution; the department's qualifying examination, if required; and all special requirements of the college and the department of the student's major. After the college office has verified completion of these requirements, the student will be sent a formal notice of admission to candidacy for the degree. Doctoral students should file for candidacy after completing the department's comprehensive qualifying or proposal examination. Doctoral candidates must file for candidacy at least one semester prior to graduation (e.g., in the summer for fall graduates). Candidacy application forms for graduate students are available in the college offices. Not all colleges or departments have a formal candidacy procedure. Students should check with the office of the dean of their college or their departmental advisor to determine their requirements.

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