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Students should consult the associate dean for student affairs for information concerning counseling on academic, financial, and other matters.

Career Services

The Career Services Office is committed to providing assistance to all university of Houston Law Center students and alumni in their job search efforts. Services are available to students as they search for law clerk positions during their legal education experience and for permanent positions to commence upon graduation. Individual assistance in developing legal career and job search strategies is available to all Law Center students and alumni. The Career Services Office strives for a creative approach in its job search partnership with students. Through the First-Year Initiative, first-year students can take advantage of a comprehensive career education series designed to provide students with a survey of the breadth of career opportunity. Students are assigned to a small group (FYII group) for participation this active approach to gathering information on which to base career plans and choices.

The Career Services Office provides individual assistance in resume preparation and interviewing techniques for all students and alumni. The office presents a variety of panel discussions, receptions and seminars with members of the Houston legal community to assist students in understanding legal career options. Topics covered include duties and responsibilities of a law clerk, judicial clerkship opportunities, solo practice and non-traditional uses of the law degree.

The office annually hosts approximately 150 prospective employers in on-campus interview and recruiting programs for second- and third-year students seeking summer clerkships and permanent positions to commence upon graduation. Through the Career Services Office, the Law Center participates in a number of off-campus recruiting programs, offering students an extension of interview opportunities beyond their own law school campus.

The career Services Office daily receives notices of part-time and full-time positions available within the legal community. These notices are maintained for student review. To complement this listing service, the Career Services Office maintains a wide variety of resources such as legal directories, employers' resumes, and legal career planning publications.

For more information about Law Career Services, write:

Career Services Office
University of Houston Law Center
Houston, Texas 77204-6370
(713) 743-2090

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