Graduate Catalog Online Admission to Graduate and Professional Studies and Eligibility for Competitive Fellowships

General Academic Regulations & Requirements

Graduate Student Assistantships

Graduate Assistant Tuition Fellowship Policy
for Students in TA/TF/IA/RA/GA Appointment Categories

Graduate students determined by the Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies as eligible for support under this program will be awarded a fellowship amount equal to resident tuition and designated tuition charges for nine (9) credit hours for each fall and spring semester of eligibility, and six (6) credit hours for the summer. The GATF program does not cover mandatory or course fees, which remain the obligation of the student. (The GATF is offered each semester pending funding availability).

  1. A student must be matriculated and in good academic standing in a University of Houston program that leads to a master's or doctoral degree. Students classified as post-baccalaureate (PB) and Non Degree Objective (NDO) are not eligible. A cumulative graduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 for all courses attempted is required for all graduate degree programs. For the purpose of awarding the GATF, students with a conditional admission and 1st year students (newly admitted) will have the minimum GPA requirement waived for their first two long semesters.
  2. A student must hold a graduate appointment in one or more of the following titles: Teaching Assistant (TA), Teaching Fellow (TF), Instructional Assistant (IA), Research Assistant (RA), or Graduate Assistant (GA) and must be paid through the UH payroll office.
  3. The appointment must be for .50 FTE (on average 20/hrs/week). A student may request overload appointments to exceed .50 FTE within the guidelines of the overload policies as described by the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies. Overload assignments may not be paid to the student until confirmation of overload approval from the office of Graduate and Professional Studies. Students found to hold unauthorized overloads will have their GATF retroactively revoked and will not be eligible for the GATF the subsequent semester.
  4. Students must be employees of UH for the full academic semester (in most cases this is 4.5 months and under no circumstances can the employment duration be less than 4 months). Summer students must be employed for at least one six-week session.
  5. A student must be paid the minimum monthly rate as defined by the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies for any given semester.
  6. A student must be enrolled a minimum of nine (9) semester credit hours for each full long semester of the award. For summer, students must be registered for a minimum of six semester credit hours during any combination of summer sessions. Tuition for any additional credit hours in which a student enrolls over the minimum of nine (or six) will be charged to the student who will be responsible for the payment. Credit hour minimums apply only to courses taken for graduate credit applicable toward the student's degree objective.
  7. Employment, whether employed within the enrolling department or outside the enrolling department, must be substantively related to the studentís major field of study.
  8. In order for graduate assistants to serve as classroom instructors or in other roles that require communicating (both comprehending and being comprehensible) with students in spoken English, graduate assistants must demonstrate proficiency in spoken English. For students whose first language is not English, this requirement is normally satisfied with evidence of a score of at least 50 on either the Test of Spoken English (TSE) or on the Spoken Proficiency English Assessment Kit (SPEAK) test.
  9. Eligible students may receive the GATF for a maximum of:
    • Two years (four long semesters) for student in a Masterís program. MFA students may receive the GATF for up to 3 years or six long semesters.
    • Three years (six long semesters) for a student in a Doctoral program who entered from a master's program.
    In no case is a student eligible to receive the Fellowship for more than five years (ten long semesters).
  10. Students whose tuition is paid through other financial aid sources are not eligible to receive the GATF.
  11. Students who drop classes or otherwise fail to maintain the minimum registration requirements, or who do not meet all of the criteria for eligibility throughout the duration of the semester will have their GATF revoked retroactively and will be billed for designated tuition.