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Admission to Graduate and Professional Studies and Eligibility for Competitive Fellowships

General Academic Regulations & Requirements
 Planning the
 Graduate Program

Graduate Student Assistantships

Courses and degree requirements

1998-2000 Archive

2001 Archive

Planning the Graduate Program

Graduate students should consult their program's graduate advisor before each registration. Students are required to fulfill the special requirements of the particular degree program in addition to the general requirements stipulated by the University.

Academic Modifications for Students
with Disabilities

Ad Hoc Interdisciplinary Degree Option

Applicable Graduate Credit

Application for Candidacy

Changes of Major, Degree,
and Classification

Continuous Enrollment

Continuous Registration and Credit for
Thesis or Dissertation

Course Load

Double Degrees, Double Majors,
and Minors in Graduate and
Professional Programs

Foreign Language Requirement

99-Hour Cap

Residency Requirements

Study Beyond a Masters Degree

Termination of Enrollment in a
Graduate Program

Time Limitations on Completion of
Degree Requirements

Transferred Courses