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General Academic Regulations & Requirements
 General Withdrawal

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General Withdrawal

In addition to following the procedure for dropping a course, students must return all library books and laboratory equipment and have their University of Houston record clear in every respect. Students who wish to withdraw may do so through the web site at or the VIP system at 713-743-8484 up to the last day to drop or withdraw without a grade or they may come to the Office of Registration and Academic Records, 108 Ezekiel W. Cullen Building, or write:

University of Houston
Office of Registration and Academic Records
102 E. Cullen Building
Houston, Texas 77204-2027

The recorded date for withdrawal will be the date 1) the withdrawal is completed through the web site or VIP, or 2) the completed form is submitted to the Registrarís office, or 3) the letter requesting withdrawal is received.

Students whose enrollment in a course is terminated on or before the last day to drop or withdraw without receiving a grade (a date listed in the academic calendar and in the class schedule) will not have courses appear on permanent records, and grades will not be assigned. When terminations are made after this date, the message and date of withdrawal will appear, grades of W (withdrawal, either passing or with no evaluative data available at the time of drop) or F (withdrawal, failing) will be assigned by the instructor at the close of the semester, and the courses and grades will appear on the permanent records.

Students are responsible for initiating action to drop or withdraw from classes on or before the last day to drop a course. Students who fail to do so will be retained on the class rolls even though they may be absent for the remainder of the semester. In such instances grades of F (or U in S/U graded courses) will be given unless mitigating circumstances warrant grades of I (incomplete).