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 Final Grade

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Final Grade Reports

Grades are now available through the Voice Information Processing (VIP) system. Service is available for students to request a paper copy which will be sent to the student's mailing address as reflected in university records.

Students may use the Voice Information Processing (VIP) system to check if their grades have been posted for the semester. Grades are posted or put into the database on a nightly basis following final exams. See the class schedule for instructions on using VIP.

Students are encouraged to contact the instructor of record or submit written requests to the department chair whenever questions arise concerning a grade received in a course. Students have 90 days after the posting of a grade to appeal. To appeal a grade, students must submit a completed General Petition Form or written request to the department where the course is offered no later than the close of the semester/summer session following the posting of the grade. Faculty are required to retain all evaluated student material for a six month period after the end of the last class of the semester evaluated.