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Cougar Spirit Cord

What is the Cougar Spirit Cord and what does it mean?

spirit cordThe Cougar Spirit Cord is a red and white honor cord that graduating Coogs wear at commencement.  It demonstrates your pride and support for your university.

With a gift of $15 or more, you'll earn a Cougar Spirit Cord to wear at graduation.  A symbol of your pride, gratitude, and a way to show support for a program that's made a difference in your UH experience, your Cougar Spirit Cord is also a way of leaving a legacy for students who will be returning to UH next semester.  Beat the rush, make your gift here today!

An affordable gift shows strong loyalty and still makes a big impact.  Click here to see what Coogs can do when they choose to come together and participate in philanthropy.

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Where can I pick up my Cougar Spirit Cord?

As soon as you make your gift online, you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming that your gift was processed. Office hours and locations to pick up your spirit cord are:

Energy Research Park (ERP), Building 1A, Room 291

Monday through Friday: 8 am to 5 pm

UH Student Center South

Information Desk

Monday through Friday: 10 am to 2 pm

Or if you would like us to mail your cord, please send your request to with your PeopleSoft ID number and mailing address.

I paid tuition, why should I give back?

Our university’s legacy has always been that hard working men and women have the opportunity to go to college, do good work and give back to UH after graduation so that future Coogs have opportunities to succeed. 

Coogs strive to Raise the Bar each year.  Read some more here about how giving is important for both students and alumni. 

Not only will you be helping future Coogs share in a great college experience, your gift also boosts the value of your degree.  And don’t forget, when we work together we make a big difference in future Coogs’ education.  Read more here about how your first gift – no matter the amount – can go a long way.

Need more?  Read it here.

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Can't do it? 

Don’t worry.  There is a place for everyone in the Cougar Graduation Challenge.  If a Cougar Spirit Cord gift doesn’t seem manageable right now, just take The Grad Challenge Survey.

We know that times are hard, but we want you to understand that participation is what’s most important as a proud UH alum.  Click here to see how having pride in participation can make a difference to our University of Houston.