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Cougar Cents

What is Cougar Cents?   Why are you giving UH students piggy banks? 

It's about saving today and giving back tomorrow.  And it's a fun reminder that every gift (even spare change) does add up to make a difference.   At UH, every contribution has a meaningful impact for students. If each person in last year's graduating class donated $50, fifteen students could receive an entire year of education! And that's just one graduation class. Imagine what difference your graduating class can make!

Last year, thousands of alumni gave more than $4,400,000 to UH! $4 Million is a big help to students - like you! Yes, tuition is expensive and, unfortunately, keeps going up.  Still, it's not as high as it could be if alumni and friends didn't choose to support the University of Houston each year.

piggy bankHow do I care for my Cougar Cents pig?

  • Fill it with your loose change, dollar bills or even checks!
  • Watch your email for the latest information, events and contests.
  • Follow @UH_CougarCents on Twitter and watch your email for the latest information, events and contests.
  • ‘Like' Cougar Cents on Facebook and share your pig adventures with your classmates, get info on pig parties and more.

Are you telling me I take my pig to campus events?

Sure!  There will be "Pig Drops" during each semester, where you can come by to win prizes and make a deposit to your Class gift account out of what you've saved so far.  Gifts collected will help current UH students through scholarships, library resources or student success programs.  And Class giving is announced each semester at Commencement.  You'll be surprised at how a little can go a long way!

Besides, the pig has already become a popular persona on campus and will be attending events as well.  Dress ‘em up.  Decorate ‘em for the holidays.  Just so long as we see you there!

Shouldn't this pig have a name?

We think so...and we've heard a few.  Question is: what do YOU think its name should be?  Submit your vote on the pig's Official Facebook page!

What does caring for a Cougar Cents pig do for ME?

Besides being a cool keepsake, Cougar Cents makes it easy and painless to give a little something back - in a feel good, philanthropic way to your soon-to-be alma mater. It kicks off your experience as a UH alum, a bond that you will have forever. Saving can be a challenge.  But Cougar Cents is an opportunity to be an active participant in your campus community ...something that is bigger than all of us, the great university that is University of Houston!

Get involved - student philanthropy is thriving at UH.  Last semester, 723 seniors participated in gift initiatives around graduation, raising over $7,000 for UH. Join your classmates in literally leaving your mark on campus through participation in the Cougar Cents campaign!

So, don't sweat it...give a little!

Want to get really involved and volunteer for Pig Drops and other student philanthropy activities?  Email us at

Check out some of these facts about how gifts impact UH: