How to Create a Scholarship Endowment

An endowment account is established with a formal legal agreement between the University of Houston and the donor(s). This legal agreement is referred to as an endowment agreement.

In order to complete a scholarship endowment agreement, the donor must provide the following:

  • Preferred name of endowment (e.g. The Smith Family Endowment in the College of Education)
  • Information about themselves to be included in the endowment agreement (usually 1-2 short paragraphs)

Once the initial information has been received by the university, a draft endowment agreement will be developed for review by the donor. When changes have been made and this is reviewed, a final copy will be submitted for signatures. Then a final copy of the agreement is bound and delivered to the donor(s).

To establish a scholarship at the University of Houston and make a difference in a student’s life, please contact Deborah Ballard, at 713-743-8891 or email