Presidential Endowed Fellowships

The Presidential Endowed Fellowship is a renewable scholarship that specifically supports graduate students in all academic areas, and professional students pursuing degrees in pharmacy, law, social work or optometry. The PEF is permanently endowed at a minimum of $50,000 and produces a $2,000 annual award. The fellowship is renewable for the program’s normal completion time if the student meets the criteria established by the Graduate and Professional Studies Office. Matching opportunities are available, and a college or program may be specified.

Presidential Endowed Fellows will be selected through a joint effort with the UH colleges and the Graduate and Professional Studies Office. The selection criteria will be based on the individual program’s admissions requirements and may include GPA, professional testing scores and financial need.

To establish a fellowship at the University of Houston and make a difference in a student’s life, please contact Deborah Ballard at 713-743-8891 or by email at