Avenue of Oaks

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In recent years, the University of Houston has made tremendous strides in its academic programs, research initiatives, and community outreach. The physical setting of the university also has undergone considerable improvement. A number of beautiful new buildings have been added, and there is renewed attention to the attractiveness of the grounds.

Under the leadership of Josanna Smith, the newly established UH Entrances and Perimeter Committee has created an outstanding plan to further enhance the appearance of our campus.

How the campus looks is the first and often the most lasting impression that many visitors have of our university. UH alumni and friends were invited to join us in creating a campus whose beauty reflects our true pride in the University of Houston.

The Avenue of Oaks is located on University Drive between the Spur 5 exit from the Gulf Freeway and Calhoun. Sixty-six live oak trees line both sides of this broad boulevard and over time will develop into a majestic canopy of greenery, greeting students, alumni, and visitors as they enter the University of Houston campus. Future plans call for a walking and jogging trail to wend its way through the tree-shaded area.

Trees were offered for sponsorship at $450 each, and all trees now have sponsors. Each donor was commemorated with an individually engraved marker of polished red granite set in the sidewalk alongside the donor’s tree. Many of the donors made their gifts in honor of, or in memory of a loved one.

For more information, please contact Nancy Clark at (713) 743-8873.