Cougar Graduation Challenge

What's the Graduation Challenge?

An opportunity that only soon-to-be UH grads get:  A head start on UH's oldest and proudest tradition of giving.  It's a quick survey where you decide where you want your support to go.   

Generous Alum Phil Swanson '86 has agreed to make your first gift as an introduction into the tradition of alumni giving.  He has assigned $1 to each graduating senior - you decide which campus program benefits from this gift.  All you have to do is take this survey and pick what you want to support. 

Did the library give you a place to study that helped you to achieve that amazing GPA?  Give to the Library Excellence Fund.  Did you receive a scholarship that made a difference for you?  Give to any scholarship fund of your choice.  You choose - you can designate your gift to ANY program on campus. 

Last semester 361 - or 13% of graduating seniors took the Cougar Graduation Challenge.  Get a head start and designate your dollar today!

spirit cordWant to do more for your alma mater?

Do more by making your first gift to UH today here!  An affordable gift shows strong loyalty and still makes a big impact.  Click here to see how. 

With a gift of $15 or more, you'll earn a Cougar Spirit Cord to wear at graduation.  The Cougar Spirit Cord is a symbol of your pride, gratitude, and a way to show support for a program that's made a difference in your UH experience.  Make a gift online, $20.11 in honor of your graduating class, now. 


Alumni giving is a proud tradition across the country, with participation at Tier One schools around 15 - 18%.  When YOU take the challenge as one way to celebrate your graduation, you can help UH achieve this goal. 

As we become alumni, giving is a meaningful way to help make UH the best it can be.  Cougars don't settle for anything less!  Don't miss your chance to take part in your first tradition as a soon-to-be UH alum.  Can Spring 2011 graduates do better than 13%?  We know you will!

It takes just a few moments to be on your way to creating a big impact.  Previous alumni did their share in helping you, now it's your turn to give back.  Every gift makes a difference!  Take the challenge today!

5 reasons you should accept this challenge:

5.  To give thanks and recognize all the professors, staff, and memories that made you who you are today.

4.  You can help next year's UH students get scholarships, helping them be PROUD to be a Cougar!

3.  Tuition and state funding does not cover the total cost to educate a student, your gift will have an immediate impact on UH programs and future students.

2.  To be a part of something big - alumni giving impacts students each day.

1.  We've heard a lot of Tier One talk, but did you know your gift helps to boost UH rankings in U.S. News and World Report? Let's get to the top!

Take the challenge