Small Gift, Big Change

$25 x 20 donors = A guest lecture from a visiting professor or a whole section of high density shelving in the library (having a fantastic research university collection requires a lot of space!).

$25 x 40 donors = A computer system for the Academic Research Center or other student study and technology spaces.

$25 x 100 donors = A stipend to outstanding students who work with others seeking assistance with challenging coursework during individual tutoring and small group learning sessions.

$25 x 250 donors = A full tuition scholarship for a smart, determined student who might not otherwise be able to attend the University of Houston.

Imagine what can happen through gifts of $100, $500 or $1,000...or when 40,000 alumni give.  Please choose to be part of something amazing at UH.

Graduating?  Click here to learn more about the Cougar Graduation Challenge.