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The Graduate Indian Student Organization at University of Houston welcomes you. We are here to ensure a smooth transition in your new endeavor. Although GISO is a non profit organization, it is solely run by the grdauate students of UoH.


This FAQ has been compiled to help only the incoming Indian graduate students. No claims are made for its correctness or accuracy. The conditions and the expenses encountered by a student, can greatly vary from one to another. These FAQs have been compiled keeping an average Indian graduate student in mind, and is therefore very specific to both this category of students and University of Houston.




GISO is a registered student organization under University of Houston. It came into existence in 2001. GISO not only serves as a platform for displaying the diverse cultures of the Indian community but also unifies it. Our value lies in maintaining the harmony and integrity of our commonality. Our strength lies in our fellow members. We strive to provide assistance and support to all of them, as early as possible, irrespective of the hurdles that we might have to face. We are a body represented by the students and for the students. We request your co-operation and support to help us carry out these ideals and make YOUR organization a success. Please register today at our website and show us your support.

Thank you.
Committee members,


GISO is a non-political, non-sectarian body; is not organized for profit and no part of its income shall inure to the benefit of any member, officer, or individual, and no member, director, officer, or employee of this Association shall receive or be entitled to receive any income of any kind there from, exempt reasonable compensation for services in effecting one or more of its purpose.

The primary objectives of GISO are to:

1. Create a platform for awareness of the rich Indian culture and heritage

2. Help new Indian students at University of Houston to adjust to campus life.

3. Promote camaraderie amongst Indian community and other communities.

4. Address the challenges encountered by the members of the organization.


Preetham Kurla


Rakesh Patel

Vice-President Logistics

Ravi Shanker Chandrasekar

Vice President Public Relations

Shalin Shah

Vice President Finance

Upender Telukuntla

Marketing and Promotions Officer

Ankita Khadtare

Event Co ordinator

Nagoor Saheb

Cultural Secretary

Rohan Gupta

Sports Secretary

DJ Anil Sai Bodepudi

Logistics Officer

Anirudh Shandilya

Logistics Officer

Dhruv Modi

Finance Officer

Soumya Sinha

Editor, Dautya

Karthik Bibireddy

Web Administrator



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GISO, University of Houston,
Mailbox #19, 4800 Calhoun Road,Houston, Texas-77004.