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Construction Photos

The fabrication process began in the 2013 summer design build program at the Gerald D. Hines school of Architecture. Using the Burdette Keeland design exploration center, the GDBS team developed construction documents and fabrication documents that were created and refined during the spring semester.

During construction, the GDBS team learned to become versatile with many tools in the Keeland center, such as the laser cutter, the CNC machine, MIG and TIG welder, and a variety of power tools. The intensive 8-week summer period was dedicated to efficiently constructing the ReFrame x Frame pavilion for the Hermann park 100th year centennial celebration, alongside professor Patrick Peters. The GDBS team also finalized construction and fabrication documents to be sent to the city for permitting. In addition, we teamed up with many people and organizations such as, US LED who donated LED lights for the illumination of the lantern wall; and also Allsteel Furninture who donated nearly all materials needed to make the project a success. Adhering to the transitional housing motives that that served as the foundation of the project, two photovoltaic panels will reside on top of the butterfly roof. The two photovoltaic panels will gather enough of energy to power both the lantern wall and Abinadi Meza's "Vein of Sky" sound installation. In addition, within the Lantern wall there is a water trough system to gather rainwater into a non-potable 55 gallon water tank.

Situated in a prominent area in Hermann Park the ReFrame x Frame pavilion will be a beautiful installment for the 100th year centennial celebration.



fabrication drawings
construction documents
construction photos



spring design phase
shop fabrication
site work
site installation