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Summer 2019

June 2019

Overview of the Program

The beautiful Renaissance city of Ferrara is close to Bologna, midway between Venice and Florence, yet relatively unknown to tourists. Shaped over the centuries by the River Po, Ferrara was one of the centers of the Italian renaissance. Today, you can walk the city walls that surround Ferrara—there is a nine km path on top of the wall and a 15 km path below the wall, ride a bicycle to class just like the locals, and visit Ferrara’s outstanding museums. The city is extremely safe, clean, and accessible with a small-town feel, yet boasts world-class art treasures and exhibits

In this picturesque city, this program will guide students through the process of writing content focused on travel and food. From a critical examination of food--its history in the region, its production, as well as how to write about issues related to food--to travel guides, this course will allow students the freedom to explore how to tell stories in a foreign country. Students will work to develop content for their own websites documenting their travels as they explore the country on both guided trips as well as independent travel.


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Cost: $1,800 (covers housing, transportation within Italy, in-country activities, and some meals--

 does not include airfare or tuition)

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Dr. Temple Northup,