Students & Alumni: All Past Fellows


The table below provides an inventory of Fulbright Fellows from the University of Houston (Main Campus) since 1996.

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U.S. InstitutionField of StudyCountry Visited
2013-14 Wilson Chang UH English Literature; Film Studies Macau
2012-13 Carminia Martinez UH Anthropology Mexico
2012-13 Dylan Paul UH Theatre, Music & Performance Trinidad & Tobago
2011-12 Boomer Trujillo UH Philosophy Germany
2011-12 Donna Huanca UH Fine Arts, Fashion & Design
2009-10 Fathi, Farnoosh UH Creative Writing Brazil
2006-07 Morrison, Jerolyn E
UH Archeology Greece
2005-06 Allen, Kevin P.
UH Political Science Bulgaria
2004-05 Murray, Scott C. UH Latin American and Caribbean History Mexico
2003-04 Rosenthal, Mira
UH Creative Writing Poland
2001-02 Valdez, Charli
UH Creative Writing Spain
2000-01 Curtis, David F. UH Psychology New Zealand
2000-01 Levinson, Irving W. UH Latin American and Caribbean History Mexico
2000-01 Gupta, Marisa D. UH Musical Instrument Training United Kingdom
1995-96 Durrer, Rebecca A. UH East Asian/Pacific/Australian History New Zealand