Undergraduate Tuition - Fiscal Year 2011

Fiscal Year 2011

Fiscal year 2011 includes the Fall 2010, Spring 2011, and Summer 2011 semesters.

Please Note: The tuition and/or fee charges below represent the maximum that will be charged for the 2010-2011 academic year (fiscal year 2011).

CollegeUndergraduate Resident Cost per Semester HourUndergraduate Non-Resident Cost per Semester Credit Hour
Architecture $215.21 $525.21
Business $221.66 $531.66
CLASS* $189.91 $499.91
Education $177.91 $487.91
Engineering $215.66 $525.66
HRM $208.31 $518.31
Law N/A
NSM* $273.41 $583.41
Optometry N/A N/A
Pharmacy $249.91 $559.91
Social Work N/A N/A
Technology $199.91 $509.91

Undergraduate Premium: $100 per semester credit hour. Premium charged to undergraduates taking excessive hours above degree requirements or repeating a course more than two times (Education code 54.014).

Weekend CORE CLASS courses - Certain specifically designated CORE courses taught on Weekends will receive a $12 per semester credit hour discount.

College of Education: Undergraduate education classes will receive a $12 per semester credit hour discount. The discounted rate is included in the represented rates above.

*NSM will have an addition of $9.00-$54.00/per SCH depending on the specific course.

*Certain Courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences will pay additional tuition due to the nature of the course and the requirement for special instruction. Those students taking courses in the following fields should add the additional tuition to each semester credit hour:

 Undergraduate (per semester credit hour)
Art History $10
Art (Fine Arts) $15
Art (Design) $15
Communication $47
Communication Disorders $10
Creative Writing $15
Applied Music $22.50
Music Instruction $4.50
Theatre $15
Music $50