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Graduate College Fees - Fiscal Year 2017

Fiscal Year 2017

Fiscal year 2017 includes the Fall 2016, Spring 2017, and Summer 2017 semesters.

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture
Architecture Graduate Application Fee $50/Applicant
Architecture Study Abroad Administrative Fee $650/Program
Architecture Study Abroad Program Fee $5,000/Program
College of Arts
Art Student Copy Cards $5/Copy Card
Graduate Application Fee - Masters in Arts Leadership $50/Application
Graduate Application Fee - Music $100/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - School of Art $75/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Theatre $50/Applicant
Theatre Graduate Actor Combatant Certification $225/Certificate
Theatre Student Support/ Performance Pass Fee $55/Course
Theatre Summer Masters Program Up to $3,000/Student
Moores School of Music Recital Fees Varies up to $50/Student
Theatre/Dance Stott Pilates Intensive Mat Certification Varies up to $350/Certificate
Theatre/Dance Student Locker Fee Varies up to $20/Student/Semester
C.T. Bauer College of Business
Bauer Executive Certificate/Accounting Program $650/Course
Bauer Graduate Application Fee MA Up to $150/Applicant
Bauer Graduate Application Fee PHD $45/Applicant
Bauer Graduate Orientation Fee $300/New Graduate Student
Executive Degree Program $74,700/Program
Bauer Study Abroad Varies
College of Education
Curriculum Instruction Master's Certificate Program $100/SCH
Graduate Application Fee $80/Applicant
Executive Education Doctoral Program $150/SCH
Teacher Certificate Fee - UH Student $40/Incident
Teacher Certificate Fee - Non-UH Student $55/Incident
Cullen College of Engineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Process Design/Modeling Certificate Fee $3,000/Course
Cooperative Education Program $215/Program
Industrial Engineering - Executive Masters of Industrial Engineering $3,000/Course
Industrial Engineering Executive Masters - Voluntary Student Service Fee $850/SCH
Mechanical Engineering/SubSea Certificate Program Fee Up to $1,200/Course
Non-Resident Graduate Application Fee $75/Applicant
Resident Graduate Application Fee $25/Applicant
Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Hotel/Restaurant Materials Purchase Varies Up To $90/Course
Executive Degree Program $500/SCH
Global Hospitality Business Program  $500/SCH
Global Hospitality Business Field Trip Fee $4,000/Student
College of Law
Law Enrollment Fee $300/Admitted Student
College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
African-American Studies - Graduate Certificate Program $25/Applicant
American Sign Language Institute (ALSI) Fee for Course Credit by Examination $75/Exam
American Sign Language Institute (ALSI)Fee for Proficiency Assessment for Entry to the Major $75/Application
CLASS Dissertation Thesis Fee Varies up to $150/Dissertation
Communications Disorders Post Bachelor's Program Application Fee $50/Applicant
Communications Entertainment Industry Field Studies Fee $2,000/Program
Graduate Application Fee - Anthropology in MA $50/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Communications Disorder $75/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Communications Domestic $50/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Communications International $120/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Economics $50/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - English $85/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Hispanic Studies $75/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - History $50/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Non-Degree $50/Application
Graduate Application Fee - Psychology $65/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Sociology $50/Applicant
Language and Culture Center - Airport Pick Up $50/Incident
Language and Culture Center - Application Fee $100/Application
Language and Culture Center - Express Mail Charge $75/Incident
Language and Culture Center - Late Fee $50/Term
Language and Culture Center - Medical Insurance $171/Incident
Language and Culture Center - Tuition And Fees - 7 week program $1,650/Term
Language and Culture Center - Tuition and Fees - 14 week program $3,300/Term
Modern Classical Languages - Foreign Language Credit By Exam $25/Credit
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) Program Application Fee (Sugar Land) $50/Applicant
Spirit of Houston Fee $100/Student Participant
Study Abroad Varies
Graduate Application Fee - HHP (Dom. KINPHD, HSESMS, and SFAMA) $65/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - HHP (International KINPHD, HSESMS, and SFAMA) $95/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - HHP (all ATHTRMAT) $70/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Masters of Public Policy $75/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Masters of Public Administration $75/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - MCL $50/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Philosophy $50/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Political Science $65/Applicant
Startalk Program Fee $200/Program Participant
College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Computer Science Graduate Application Fee $75/Applicant
Geology Field Camp Fee $2,100/Program
Geophysics Field Camp Fee $1,500/Program
Geosciences Executive MA - Voluntary Student Service Fee $1,884/Course
College of Optometry
Optometry Application Fee - OD Program $50/Applicant
Optometry Application Fee - Master's Program Free
Optometry Application Fee - PH.D. Program $25/Applicant
Optometry Liability Insurance $60/Course
Optometry Tuition Deposit $500/Admitted Student
College of Pharmacy
Pharmacy Application Fee (Professional Program) $100/Applicant
Pharmacy Seat Enrollment Fee (Professional Program) $400/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, MSPHR Pharmaceutics, MS Pharmaceutics, PHD Pharmacology, MSPHR Pharmacology, PHD Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy, MS $25/Applicant
Graduate Application Fee - Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy PhD $50/Applicant
Graduate College of Social Work
Confirmation Fee $100/New Student
Distance Field Practicum Fee $1,000/Field Course
Social Work Masters Application Fee $60/Applicant
Social Work Ph.D. Application Fee $100/PhD Applicant
Social Work - Late MSW Application Fee $50/Incident
Social Work - Hybrid/Online Course Fee $450/Student/Semester
College of Technology
Executive Degree - Human Resource Development $45,000/Program
Technology Graduate Application Fee $75/Applicant