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UH Websites - SAMs and MAPPs
Communication Allowance – SAM 03.A.19 and MAPP 10.03.05
Entertainment Expenditures – SAM 03.A.02
Family Travel Expenses – SAM 03.A.21
Fringe Benefits, Taxable – SAM 03.D.06
Gifts, Acknowledgement and Disposition of – SAM 03.F.01
Human Subject Testing – MAPP 05.02.04
Independent Contractor vs. Employee – SAM 02.A.24 and MAPP 02.03.02
Moving Expense Reimbursement, Employee – SAM 03.A.13 and MAPP 02.02.05
Perquisites – SAM 02.E.02
Texas State Taxes – SAM 03.A.12
Travel, Business – SAM 03.A.03
Tuition Reimbursement, Not Job Related – SAM 03.A.26
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Business Manager Survival Guide – Tax FAQs -

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IRS web-page: (
Social Security Administration: (
NACUBO web page: (
NASFAA web-page:
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