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Procurement Card Program

Procurement Card Program

The Procurement Card Program offers a fast, flexible, and efficient method of handling small, delegated purchases. If utilized to its full potential, the Procurement Card Program will produce significant cost savings for UH by greatly reducing the amount of data entry, voucher preparation, prompt payment interest and check processing associated with small dollar orders.

The Procurement Card program is designed to facilitate the delegation of authority to make small dollar purchases to users throughout the UH campus.


Procurement Card Contract
The terms and conditions of the Procurement Card Contract were specified and awarded by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission for the State of Texas. Departments will be utilizing the State of Texas contract for Procurement Card services with Bank One. Each department must comply with the terms and conditions of the state contract in the implementation of this program.

Key Points

  • Bank One provides MasterCards for use with UH's Procurement Card Program.
  • You must attend a training session, conducted by the Program Coordinator and others from the Purchasing Department, to become eligible for a Procurement Card.
  • Your Procurement Card is issued in your name and you will be responsible for the security of the card and its use.
  • You can use the Procurement Card at any vendor that accepts MasterCard. It may be used for in-store purchases as well as for online, mail, telephone or fax orders.
  • You may use the Procurement Card to purchase supplies within your delegated limits and the monthly credit limits of the card.
  • The Procurement Card is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate purchasing or payment procedures . This program compliments existing processes.
  • The Procurement Card is for official business purposes only and not for personal use .
  • The Procurement Card must be returned to the Program Coordinator upon your transfer or termination.

About the Card

  • Your name will appear on the Procurement Card with the State of Texas seal and the wording "State of Texas Tax Exempt" and "For Official Use Only" clearly indicated on the card.
  • The single transaction limit is $5,000.00 unless otherwise designated by your CBA.


Procurement Card Program
Purchasing Card Contract
Key Points
About the Card
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