Accounting Services:
Bank Reconciliations & Endowment Accounting
Areas of Responsibility

Bank reconciliations reconcile all UH/UHS bank accounts for payroll, credit cards, disbursements, investments, and operations; distribution of non-endowed investment income for all campuses; and provide research assistance to departments regarding electronic payments, bank charges, and other questions.

Endowment Accounting record all transactions on endowment investments; prepare journal entries to record endowment income allocations for all campuses; assist with the accounting set up for new endowments; and provide research assistance to departments regarding endowment income, distribution, and cost center balances.

Unclaimed Property identification and transfer of stale dated checks to holding account; identification and reporting of escheated vendor, and student account payments for UH/UHS and payroll payments for all campuses to state agencies; and provide research assistance to campus departments regarding stale dated and escheated checks.

ACH-Wire Transfer Acceptance Instructions
Bank of America Merchant ID List (As of 02.22.18)
Cash/Check and ACH Deposit Procedures
Credit Card Deposit Journals - Effective 09.01.2015
Electronic Check Deposit Journals
Remote Deposit Procedures – Non Gift
Telecheck Deposit Procedure
  • Running Daily Funding Telecheck Report
UHPD Deposit Transfer Information
Void and Stale Check Information
  • Void and Stale Check Request Form
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