UH: Traveling Cougar

Who is Shia? What is the Traveling Cougar program?

Shia is a stuffed animal cougar who has his own history and personality and loves to go everywhere. The Pride Patrol originated the concept of the Traveling Cougar and today Shia accompanies UH students, faculty, staff and alumni to great places and fun events. Shia has had adventures in Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Greece and China, as well as here in Texas and of course on campus. Shia has shown up at RecycleMania, TOSS, Poetry & Prose and various guest lectures.

Shia is very social media savvy and shares stories about his travels on his blog, Facebook page and twitter with the help of his campus guardian, who is a Pride Ambassador.

Shia at Buffalo Bayou   Shia at Houston Museum of Natural Science

How Can I get Involved?

Would you like to take Shia on his next adventure? You can check Shia out from the Office of Marketing & Communication. After you take his photos and return him safely, you will receive a cool Cougar gift pack including a UH T-shirt, pin and vehicle decal sticker. It's easy to apply! Just email Jessica Brand at jbrand@uh.edu for an application or more information.

Do you want to be Shia's guardian?

Shia requires his own Social Media Pride Ambassador. The best student candidate will intern with the UH Marketing department as an integral partner in the Traveling Cougar promotion. The Social Media Pride Ambassador will:
  • Meet weekly with Social Media Coordinator Jessica Brand through the fall and spring semesters
  • Train with Jessica Brand on social media
  • Meet with Shia's travel partners to discuss Shia's journeys
  • Publish a new blog post from Shia once a week, and promote the post via Facebook and Twitter
  • Help post Shia's tweets and Facebook updates promoting UH-related topics and events
  • Track and report the success of Shia's communications, using click-through statistics, shares, re-tweets, likes, etc.

Shia's ready to take off on new adventures.

If you are interested in being our Social Media Pride Ambassador, please contact Jessica Brand at jbrand@uh.edu or 713-743-3174.

Shias blog: travelingcougar.wordpress.com
Shia's Facebook page: facebook.com/ShiaCougar
Shia's Twitter: twitter.com/ShiaCoog