UH Emergency Communication

The University of Houston takes the safety and security of our campus community very seriously. During a crisis, we want to make sure you have the latest emergency information from the University of Houston.

But as Hurricane Ike so powerfully reminded us, communicating reliably during an emergency can be a real challenge. One of our most important communication options is your cell phone. When other technology such as television, radio, landline telephones and the Internet aren't operational, your cell phone may still receive vital calls and text messages from the university. During Hurricane Ike, we were able to provide crucial information to thousands of employees because they chose to give us their cell phone numbers.

Won't you take a few moments to add your cell phone number to your Emergency Contact Information? That number will be used only for official university business in extreme circumstances and will not become part of any public listing.

If you are faculty or staff, go to http://www.piersystem.com/go/doc/1093/155718/

If you are a student, go to http://www.piersystem.com/go/doc/1093/155709/

You are an important member of our Cougar community. Providing this cell phone information will help us ensure your safety.