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Trip of a Lifetime

What student wouldn’t want to learn about Europe by taking a trip across the pond?

Now, UH Honors College students can travel there courtesy of a Switzerland-based couple who want to share the magic of their native continent.

Hanneke Faber (B.A. ’90, MBA ’92) and Aris Economon (B.S., ’89) sponsor the Faber-Economon European Travel (FEET) Scholarship, which offers students a chance to visit Europe and expand their perceptions of the world.

Both Faber and Economon hope UH students will learn more about the international world through this scholarship program. In fact, students who receive this scholarship stay at their home during their first week in Europe.

FEET recipients have logged plenty of miles around the world traveling to Switzerland, France, Italy and Holland.

“This trip has made my Honors College experience come full circle,” said 2007 FEET recipient Michael Fernandez. “At UH I learned about Raphael’s ‘School of Athens’ painting, and the trip made it possible for me to actually see it in the Vatican Museum.”