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Making Hospitality History

When Nick Massad was handed his diploma from UH’s Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, he knew the school had not heard the last of him.

“The college changed my life,” says Massad, a 1973 graduate. “I always said that one day I would give something back.”

Massad, President of Houston-based American Liberty Hospitality, showed his appreciation for the college by contributing $1.5 million to enhance its library, which hosts more than 12,000 hospitality industry resources and references.

Massad’s gift will fund an expansion of the library. Following its completion, the 4,000-square-foot facility will be named the Massad Family Library and Archives. It will offer students research resources and house personal and corporate archives from some of the hotel and restaurant industry’s most influential names.

“No other facility in the world will house the research and archival resources dedicated exclusively to the hospitality industry,” says Dean John Bowen. “It will be a gold mine of information for students and scholars of the industry as well as an important student and faculty recruiting tool.”