Learning Through Discovery

Students around computerUH students, faculty, and staff have collaborated to develop Learning through Discovery, a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that will enrich the education of our students and prepare them to compete in today’s globalized marketplace. The initiative provides research-related skills training and undergraduate research opportunities on and off campus. Students will learn how to manage projects and work collaboratively through participation in research-based courses, real-world team projects, and interdisciplinary research opportunities; consequently, a myriad of new programs and resources will be available to students in coming semesters. Plans are underway to build a research-supportive curriculum, a Work-Study Research Internship Program, a guest speaker/mentor program, new venues for research dissemination, student workshops and tutorials, and databases to connect students to research opportunities and mentors. UH faculty, staff, alumni, local organizations, businesses, and other community partners will have roles in the implementation of the QEP.

The QEP was developed in accordance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) reaffirmation of the University of Houston’s accreditation, a process that that occurs every 10 years.