High Marks for Houston

Houston SkylineThe city of Houston has recently landed at the top of several lists created by Forbes magazine, including: Best Cities for Jobs (#2), Best Cities for Young Professionals (#3) and Best Bargain Cities (#9).

The financial magazine ranked Houston second among the best cities for jobs in its April 2009 edition, based on a study of job growth in 333 regions across the U.S. Though Houston and its surrounding areas didn’t see any major single sector employment increases in 2008, modest growth across many categories, including natural resources; mining and construction; education; and health services, prevented losses. Manufacturing jobs also increased in the city – a distinction setting it apart from other major U.S. cities.

In its May 2009 edition, the magazine ranked Houston ninth among the best bargain cities in the U.S. That ranking was based on a study looking at a variety of factors in the country’s 50 largest U.S. metropolitan statistical areas, including average salaries for workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher; annual unemployment statistics; cost of living; and the Housing Opportunities Index.

Houston also rated high in the magazine’s July 2008 ranking of best cities for young professionals, coming in third. The city was lauded for the high concentration of the nation’s best geospace engineering firms, oil and gas operations companies, and oceanic exploration companies in Houston. It also earned points for ranking eighth in the number of graduates it was able to attract from the class of 1998.