Green Days

Artist rendering of project Reusing and renewing polluted water from a New York City sore spot has earned a UH student honors from the American Institute of Architects, Houston chapter. Fizza Hasan, a fourth-year student in the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture, received a 2007 Design Award in the student category for her project, “Hydroponics Lab.” Students were required to take a real-world problem and creatively solve it. Hasan’s assignment concerned the polluted waters of Newton Creek in Dutch Kills Canal in Queens, N.Y. Newton Creek, between Long Island City and Greenpoint, is a retention area for industrial pollution. Hasan’s design created a system that would renew and reuse the polluted waters using phytoremediation, a method that decontaminates soil or water using plants that absorb or breakdown pollutants. Hasan designed a natural ground field to clean the contaminated soil to create public green space. A raised hydroponics field would produce fruits and vegetables that would use the treated water.