Faculty Feats

Faculty Feats

Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning faculty

9 NSF CAREER Awards in 2012, 29 total

7 Sloan Research Fellows

9 National Academy members

31 faculty members have received multimillion dollar awards

63 faculty members have received awards recognized by the Association of American Universities and/or Center for Measuring University Performance

126 active NIH awards (53 investigator-initiated, R01 grants)

Nobel Peace Prize — Jody Williams, social work

National Medal of Science — C.W. “Paul” Chu, physics

National Academy of Engineering— Fazle Hussain, mechanical engineering; John Lienhard, mechanical engineering (emeritus); Dan Luss, chemical and biomolecular engineering; Michael Y.H. Pao, mechanical engineering; Allen Rhodes, mechanical engineering; Surendra P. Shah, civil and environmental engineering;James Symons, civil engineering (emeritus); and Kaspar William, civil and environmental engineering

National Academy of Education — Scott Imberman, economics

American Academy of Arts and Sciences — C.W. “Paul” Chu, physics

Chinese Academy of Sciences — C.W. “Paul” Chu, also is a member of the Russian Academy of Engineering, Academia Sinica, and the Third World Academy of Sciences.

Chinese Academy of Engineering — Surendra P. Shah, civil and environmental engineering

French National Academy of Technology — Roland Glowinski, mathematics

Swedish Academy of Sciences, Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Nobel Assembly of the Karolinska Institute — Jan-Åke Gustafsson, biology and biochemistry