Athletic Accomplishments

UH DecathleteCHAMPS - The Cougar Football team was invited to join the Big East Athletic Conference, 2011.

100 - Number of student-athletes selected to Conference-USA Commissioner's Honor Roll.

80+ - The number of UH athletes and coaches who have participated in the Olympics, earning 35 medals.

CHAMPS - The Conference USA All-Decade Team includes Coach Leroy Burrell and five Cougar team members.

Top 30 - The Swimming and Diving team has ranked in the top 30 at the NCAA Championships for eight years in a row.

19 - Number of bowl games the Cougar football team has participated in.

660 - Number of All-America award winners.

OLYMPIANS – More than 50 Cougars (and counting) have participated in the Olympics as competitors and coaches.

Athlete Sports Year(s) Country Event/Position
Ken Spain Men's Basketball 1968 USA  
Dwight Jones Men's Basketball 1972 USA  
Rolando Ferreira Men's Basketball 1988-1992 Brazil  
Clyde Drexler Men's Basketball 1992 USA  
David Diaz Men's Basketball 1992 Columbia  
Carl Herrera Men's Basketball 1992 Venezuela  
Hakeem Olajuwon Men's Basketball 1996 USA  
Phill Hansel Men's Swimming/Diving 1984-92 USA
Peter Dawson Men's Swimming/Diving 1976 Australia Individual Medley, Freestyle
Dave Parrington Men's Swimming/Diving 1980,1996 Zimbabwe Diving, Coach
Phil Hubble       Men's Swimming/Diving 1980 Great Britain Butterfly
Phil Osborne Men's Swimming/Diving 1980 Great Britain Freestyle
David Lim Men's Swimming/Diving 1984 Singapore Freestyle
David Lowe Men's Swimming/Diving 1980 Great Britain Butterfly
Kevin Lee Men's Swimming/Diving 1980 Great Britain Freestyle
Simon Gray Men's Swimming/Diving 1980 Great Britain Freestyle
Steve Poulter Men's Swimming/Diving 1980 Great Britain Butterfly
Siong Ang Men's Swimming/Diving 1984-88 Singapore

Carried flag in opening ceremonies

Doug Campbell Men's Swimming/Diving 1992 Great Britain Coach
Azul Almazan   Women's Swimming/Diving 2000 Mexico Diving
Jennifer Boulianne Women's Swimming/Diving 1980 Canada Backstroke
Tania Cagnotto Women's Swimming/Diving 2000, 2004 Italy Diving
Carin Cone Women's Swimming/Diving 1956 USA 100-meter Backstroke
Nicole Fibbens Women's Swimming/Diving 1984 Great Britain Butterfly
Jane Figueiredo Women's Swimming/Diving 1984 Portugal Diving
Jane Figueiredo Women's Swimming/Diving 1996-2004 Great Britain
Charlotta Flink Women's Swimming/Diving 1984 Hong Kong Backstroke
Debbie Hill Women's Swimming/Diving 1980 Zimbabwe Diving
Anne Jardin Women's Swimming/Diving 1976 Canada Freestyle
Patty Kohlmann Women's Swimming/Diving 1984-88 Mexico Freestyle
Sigrid Niehaus Women's Swimming/Diving 1988 Costa Rica Freestyle
Yulia Pakhalina Women's Swimming/Diving 2000-04 Russia Diving
Paola Pannarrieta Women's Swimming/Diving 1992 Bolivia Freestyle
Theresa Rivera Women's Swimming/Diving 1984 Mexico Backstroke
Beverly Rose Women's Swimming/Diving 1984 Great Britain Backstroke
Antonette Wilken Women's Swimming/Diving 1980-84 Zimbabwe Diving
Michelle Smith Women's Swimming/Diving 1988-96 Ireland Individual Medley, Freestyle, Butterfly
Tom Tellez Track & Field   1984-92 USA Assistant Coach
Kirk Baptiste Track & Field   1984 USA 200-Meters
Dawn Burell Track & Field   2000 USA Long Jump
Leroy Burrell Track & Field   1992-96 USA 400-Meter Relay
Greg Caldwell Track & Field   1980 USA Triple Jump
Ollan Cassell Track & Field   1964 USA 1,600-Meter Relay
Michele Collins Track & Field   2000 USA 200-Meters
Dennis Darling Track & Field   1996 Bahamas 1,600-Meter Relay
Joe DeLoach Track & Field   1988 USA 200-Meters
Sandra Glover Track & Field   2000 USA 400-Meter Hurdles
Leonard Hilton Track & Field   1972 USA 5,000-Meters
Greg Illoroson Track & Field   1980 Cameroon 100-Meters
Al Lawrence Track & Field   1956 Australia 10,000-Meters
Carl Lewis Track & Field   1980-96 USA 100, 200, Long Jump, Relays
Carol Lewis Track & Field   1980-88 USA Long Jump
Jack Parrington Track & Field   1956 Canada

100, 200, 4 x 100-Meter Relay

Frank Rutherford Track & Field  1988-96 Bahamas Triple Jump
Lydon Sands Track & Field  1984 Bahamas Long Jump
Brian Stanton    Track & Field  1988 USA High Jump
Jackie Washington Track & Field  1984 USA 400-Meter Relay
Rose Magers Volleyball 1984 USA  
Rita Crockett Volleyball 1984 USA  
Flo Hyman Volleyball 1984 USA