YouTube Tutorial

Tutorial 3: YouTube

YouTube is a website devoted to the sharing and viewing of online video. YouTube provides faculty a space to upload non-commercial video clips and lectures and share those videos with students. The faculty member will create a playlist which is easily accessed by their students. Each upload presents a URL which can be embedded inside of a webpage, blog, or email, or even better, inside of Blackboard for immediate access to students. As the University of Houston has a subscription for space in the "academic" side of YouTube, it makes it a relatively safe environment for your students to reach your material.

Topic 1: What YouTube Can Do For You As An Instructor


Topic 2: Uploading Videos to the University of Houston Account

When preparing videos to be uploaded to YouTube, there are some guidelines that need to be followed. In order for the videos to be uploaded, please see the following site for acceptable formats: It is preferable to save videos as MP4 files, so please make a note of this when assigning video activities to students. The University of Houston adheres to all rules regarding copyright, so please check to ensure that your upload follows these guidelines. If you have questions, please visit the following site to find out more information regarding copyright policies and guidelines: If student presentations which show the student are to be uploaded, you must have a media release on file from the student allowing you to post their video for others to view.

Please contact or call at 832-824-2147 to make arrangements for having your videos uploaded to the University of Houston YouTube site. Please give the following information:

  • Course Name and Instructor Name
  • Whether you wish for the file to be searchable (open to all YouTube viewers) or private (open only to selected viewers)
  • What type of presentation this is (lecture, student work, etc)
  • When you need the videos to be uploaded
  • Whether or not you have an existing course list into which you would like the videos added (if so, give the name of the list)