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UH started using TurningPoint (TP) Cloud, the latest software version available from Turning Technologies, Summer 2016.  All instructor must have a Turning Account.  All students are required to have a Turning Account and Subscription to receive polling grades.  

TurningPoint Cloud combines seamless polling with PowerPoint (PowerPoint Polling), over top of any application (Anywhere Polling), and self-paced tests, evaluations and surveys (Self-Paced Polling). It conducts real-time assessments to track progress (Results Manager) and instantly view results and collect valuable data all from one easy-to-use application.

TurningPoint Cloud Overview Video

Getting Started:  If you are thinking of incorporating the TurningPoint technology in your classroom, you can contact the FDIS office at for the TurningPoint training and receive a free teacher kit.

Software Installation:  If you need the TurningPoint Cloud software installed in the classroom podium computer, you can contact the classroom IT support staff or send your request to or call 713-743-1155.