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Instructional Strategies

Collaborate has the web conferencing, instant messaging, whiteboard, and voice authoring capabilities that provide students' collaboration, interaction, and engagement.  The following instructional strategies are used by UH instructors. 

  • Give a live lecture.  The live lecture can be recorded and archived.  The archived lecture can be used for the review or for students who are absent.
  • Use the Whiteboard for students to engage in brainstorming activities.
  • Have the multiple breakout rooms for students to engage the group discussion.
  • Conduct virtual meetings or office hours.  The instructor can meet one-on-on or with groups of students.
  • Invite remote guest speakers.  The instructor can create more engaging learning environment for inviting the experts to the class.
  • Deliver asynchronous course content.  Instructors can record course orientation, welcome, or problem-solving session.
  • Give oral examinations and/or use the virtual space for foreign language classes.