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Teaching Innovation Program Grant

The Teaching Innovation Program (TIP) grant is an award opportunity for departments to develop and implement a plan for new and innovative approaches to teaching.  The Provost and Office of Academic Affairs is committed to providing resources and support to departments and faculty who can present a collaborative and innovative plan for accomplishing the TIP program objectives. 
The following focus on proposal topics is encouraged:

  • To increase student success in learning course material
  • To increase student ability to use/apply course material
  • To develop curriculum to help students become innovative and self-directed learners

Proposals will be reviewed for the following:

  • Potential to enhance student performance
  • Number of students to benefit from the project
  • Sustainability and scalability (continuation and replication in future semesters) with a specific departmental plan for maintaining the innovation after the TIP support has expired
  • Innovation of the project
  • Realistic budget and timeline
  • Assessment plan