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Proposal Submission

TIP Proposal Sections

Section 1:  Principal Investigator Information
Section 2:  Project Goals and Rationale

  • Need for the change in department/objectives/course material
  • Focus of the project
  • Anticipated outcomes

Section 3: Description of the Project

  • Emphasis on what makes the project innovative
  • Concise strategy for implementation
  • Strategy for sustainability and scalability in the department(s) or across campus
  • Timeline for the project
  • Staff resources involved
  • Detailed Budget
  • Outcomes
    • Number of students benefited
    • Assessment of success
  • Department(s) Support
    • How will the project be integrated into the departmental teaching post-TIP award

When the proposal has been prepared and the required documents are ready for upload, the submitter should proceed to the TIP Proposal Submission Form. Please contact Dr. Teresa Acosta, Director FDIS (; 832-842-2142) with any questions you may have.