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Proposal and Selection Process

Each electronic proposal must be completed in its entirety before submission to the office of Faculty and Departmental Instructional Support.

Submissions for this grant are to be made as a Department, by the Department Chair. All Departments are encouraged to apply.

Participating faculty are only allowed to be a part of one proposal per year.

It will be up to the Department to determine how to select the proposal to be submitted from the Department.

Funding may include:

  • Faculty stipends
  • Funding for graduate assistants, support staff, teaching assistants, and instructional assistants hired for work on the award project
    NOTE: Fringe Benefits will be taken from the stipend requested.  It is appropriate to request a separate budget line for fringe.
  • Hardware, software, and instructional equipment specifically related to the proposal

Funding may not include:

  • Food or drink
  • Anything not listed in the approved proposal budget without prior approval

Administrative Oversight of the Project

Department Business Administrators (DBA) will be provided an approved budget, proposal, and project plan at the beginning of the award.  Spending outside of the approved budget will require pre-approval, please contact Dr. Teresa Acosta, tyacosta@uh.edu. At the end of the award period, the DBA will be required to close out spending in the cost center. Any funds remaining in the cost center will be returned to the office of Academic Affairs.  Any extensions for the project must be made in writing (email).  No extensions can be made without approval.