Student Information

Initial Registration to access Online Scheduler

  1. All students required to test in the Academic Testing Labs must have a reservation prior to entering the labs. In order to make a reservation, you will need to follow the steps below in order to have access to the Online Scheduler.
  2. The Academic Testing Labs uses the same Online Scheduler as CASA; therefore, students required to take exams in the Academic Testing Labs will need to first, create an account using the CASA online scheduler and then visit CASA to register their photo and fingerprints into the system.
  3. If you do not have an account with CASA, then you will need to go to the CASA website at and register to obtain your Log-in ID and Password. Click on "NEW USERS: Click here to register".
  4. After creating an account, students are required to visit CASA located on the second floor of the Garrison Gym, Room 222 to register their photo and finger print into the system. This should be completed at the beginning of the semester to avoid delay at check-in on the day of your exam.

How to make a reservation to take an Exam

  1. Once you have access to the Online Scheduler, you will be able to make a reservation to take an exam in the Academic Testing Labs.
  2. Log-in to your Courseware account at, click on the course for which you want to schedule a test, click on "Proctored Exams" and select a date and time.
  3. You will need to pay attention to which ATL lab location your exam will be administered at. It will indicate either Agnes Arnold Hall or Classroom and Business Building.
  4. You will have approximately two weeks before the exam during which you can make your reservation. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis in the system. It is recommended to not wait until the day of the exam to make a reservation.

Exam day Procedures

  1. Do not enter the ATL if you do not have a reservation to take an exam because you will not be accommodated.
  2. Make sure that you have your red UH CougarCard upon check-in.
  3. Check in begins 15 minutes before your reservation time until 10 minutes after their reservation time based on the front desk wall clock. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late for their reservation will be required to make a new reservation to test in the ATL.
  4. What are the instructions for the day of my exam?
    • Students must check all of their personal belongings with the lab assistant at the bag check station. Personal items include, but are not limited to: cell phones, iPods/MP3 players, headphones, backpacks, purses, laptops, notes, pencils/pens, keys, . All cell phones must be on silent!!!
    • Students will need to keep their red UH CougarCard with them. Students will receive a number after turning in their personal items.
    • Then, students will check in at the front desk. Hand your card to the lab assistant who will swipe your card, and return it back to you. You will also receive a card indicating Blackboard Vista or Blackboard Learn.
    • Once you are checked in, you will walk quietly to the testing room. At this point you will have three items in your hand - your red UH CougarCard, the Blackboard Card (Vista or Learn) and the bag number which will also be your seat number.
    • Sit at the number on the seat number card. (Example: A - 1 means Row A, Seat 1). Ask a proctor for assistance if you cannot find your assigned seat.
    • Once at your station, the proctor will set your computer to the correct exam setting, and give you a scratch piece of paper and pencil. Do not otherwise tamper with the computer. If you need a new sheet of scratch paper, raise your hand and a proctor will exchange your scratch sheet with a new sheet.
    • Log-in to your Blackboard Course.
      • If you are encountering log-in issues and are unable to log-in to your exam, then raise your hand and a proctor will escort you to the password reset station.
      • If you are required to reset your password, then you will need to wait for the appropriate amount of time before logging into Blackboard.
      • The designated waiting area is next to the front desk. Check the wall clock to keep track of your time.
      • You will not be allowed to access your studying material or leave the testing lab since you have already checked in.
      • Depending on the volume of students using the lab, you may not be accommodated for lost time on your exam.
    • Take your exam. If you encounter a technical error with your exam, then raise your hand and a proctor will assist you. You will not be able to leave your seat for any reason without completing your exam.
      • You will be required to fill out a technical report which will be submitted to your instructor.
    • After completing your exam, you will need to log-out of your account. Collect your red UH CougardCard ID, the Blackboard card, the seat number card, your scratch paper and pencil.
    • Walk to the back of the testing lab to the check-out station. A lab assistant will again swipe your red UH CougarCard to check-out. At this time, hand the lab assistant your scratch paper and pencil, and the Blackboard card. You will keep the seat number card and your red UH CougarCard.
    • After checking out of the testing lab, you will exit and take a left. You will now need to go to the Bag Return window. Return your seat number to the lab assistant in order to retrieve your personal belongings.

Blackboard Log-in

    1. If your course is in Blackboard Vista, you will need to know your seven digit PeopleSoft ID (eg. 0123456) and password. Make sure that you are able to access your course through this link:
    2. If your course is in Blackboard Learn, you will need to know your CougarNet ID (eg. jsmith123) and password. Make sure that you are able to access your course through this link:
    3. It is important that all students are familiar with their log-in formation. Failure to log-in properly may result in getting locked out of your account, and up to a 30 minute wait period to log back into your account. In this case, students may not be accommodated for lost time on their exam.
    4. Students will not be able to access their course in the Academic Testing Labs via AccessUH at
    5. To find out what your PeopleSoft or CougarNet information is, please visit