Instructor Information

Instructor Policy for Using Academic Testing Labs

  1. Instructors will not be able to reserve the entire testing lab for use by the whole class.
  2. As this lab format will serve students taking exams from all across campus at any given time, the lab will not be available for classroom announcements, discussions or handling of individual assignments. This applies to both lab locations.
  3. The ATL will provide trained proctors to monitor students taking exams. Proctors will report any signs of academic dishonesty according to the UH Academic Dishonesty Policy.

Instructor Reservation Policy

  1. Reservations will be accepted before the start of the first day of class for the semester in which you are requesting.
  2. Last minute changes in reservations throughout the semester may not be accommodated. All reservations are required to be made in advance.
  3. In order to accommodate campus wide testing, UH Faculty will not be able to reserve the entire testing lab for their whole class to test at once.
  4. Exams will be slotted for either the Agnes Arnold Hall lab or the CBB lab and will not overlap. Each exam will be given entirely at the Agnes Arnold Hall lab or the CBB lab.Students will know at scheduling where their exam will be held.
  5. The ATL will not be able to open seats in the lab on an individual basis including, but not limited to;
  • If a student misses his/her exam reservation time by more than 10 minutes and is unable to reschedule another session due to no available seating in remaining sessions.
  • If a student fails to make a reservation in advance leaving no slots available or inconvenient times for the student to take his/her exam.
  • The student will have to make other arrangements with their Instructor to take their exam.

How do I reserve my test for the Academic Testing Labs?

4. UH Faculty interested in utilizing the ATL will need to provide the following information for each exam at
  • Instructor’s First and Last Name
  • Course Number and Section Number
    - ALL section numbers will be required including any child sections of a merged course
  • Requested Testing Dates
  • Exam Name
  • Total Number of Students Testing
    - It is the Instructor’s responsibility to provide an accurate number of students.
  • Duration of the Exam
    - 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours, 2.5 hours
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate your request. The accommodation for space availability is on a first scheduled, first reserved basis.

Exam Requirements:

  1. Open note, book or web exams cannot be accommodated in the ATL. Students will be required to check in all personal items before checking into the testing lab. Students will not be allowed to bring books, laptops, notes or other items to the computer stations. The students will be given one sheet of scratch paper once they are inside the lab. Scratch sheets will be collected upon checking out to ensure test security.
  2. It is the instructor’s responsibility to properly create the Blackboard exam settings according to the time reserved in the labs. Lab staff will not have access to individual exams to edit the release times or dates. If you need assistance in how to release your exam, please contact an Instructional Designer.
  3. Lockdown Browser will be required on all exams in the ATL. Turn-it-in or other third party testing tools cannot be accommodated. For instructions on setting up the Lockdown Browser in Learn, click here.
  4. If a password is required for students to access the exam, the instructor must set the exam settings in Blackboard to require a password. Also, provide the password before the exam start date to the ATL lab manager. This can be done when the exam is scheduled. In order to protect the integrity of the exam, the proctors, not the students, will enter the password.
  5. Instructors should are encouraged to check their exam prior to the day of your scheduled exam.
  6. Please remind students that check in begins 15 minutes before their reservation time until 10 minutes after their reservation time.
  7. Please refrain from making edits to your exam while it is actively in use. Changes made after any students access the exam may cause data corruption issues.

What do my students need to know?

  1. All students required to test in the Academic Testing Labs must have a reservation prior to entering the labs. In order to make a reservation, you will need to follow the steps below in order to have access to the Online Scheduler.
  2. The Academic Testing Labs uses the same Online Scheduler as CASA; therefore, students required to take exams in the Academic Testing Labs will need to first, create an account using the CASA online scheduler and then visit CASA to register their photo and fingerprints into the system.
  3. If you do not have an account with CASA, then you will need to go to the CASA website at and register to obtain your Log-in ID and Password. Click on “NEW USERS: Click here to register”.
  4. After creating an account, students are required to visit CASA located on the second floor of the Garrison Gym, Room 222 to register their photo and finger print into the system. This should be completed at the beginning of the semester to avoid delay at check-in on the day of your exam.
  5. Students should be encouraged to read the Student Information prior to exam day so that they are aware of the policies.
  6. All students are required to have a reservation. Students who do not have a reservation will not be able to take their exam in the ATL. No exceptions!
  7. Students must present their red UH CougarCard ID at check in and check out. No one will be admitted without that identification even if he/she has a reservation.
  8. Students need to come prepared to log on to their Blackboard account and know their passwords for logging on.
  9. Students will not be able to access their exam in the ATL using
  10. Check in begins 15 minutes prior to their reservation time.
  11. After 10 minutes from the scheduled time of the student appointment, if the student is not present, the appointment will be cancelled and the student will have to make another arrangement for taking the exam.
  12. If there are slots available for taking the exam during the scheduled period, the student can re-register for the exam. If there are no slots available, the instructor will need to make other arrangements for the student based on expectations the instructor has set at the beginning of the semester. 
  13. Students should not log into their Blackboard account if they do not know their log-in information. Students may lock their account, which may take up to 30 minutes to log back into their account. Students may not receive additional time on their exam due to failed log-in attempts.