Instructor FAQ


1. What if I want my students to take the exam during their scheduled class time?

  • The ATL cannot guarantee that your exam will be administered during your class time. The lab format is set that exams should be given over several time sessions which may include a period of a few days.

2. I am concerned about test security. How do I make sure that my exam is secure?

  • Please contact an Instructional Designer who can assist you with providing options how to increase exam security for exams given at the ATL.

3. I have a student with special accommodations and needs to take an exam.

  • If you have a student with disabilities, they should contact the Center for Students with DISABILITIES who will work with their specific needs.

4. A student in my course missed the exam and was unable to make reservation due to no available seats left? Will they be able to show up and take an exam?

  • No. All students must have a reservation in order to take an exam at the ATL. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they have a reservation, and prioritize their time accordingly.

5. How do I set my exam settings?

  • Please contact an Instructional Designer who will be able to assist you.