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The University of Houston has set standards for identification signage including but not limited to:

  • Room Numbers
  • Name plates and holders
  • Directional / Directories
  • Departmental
  • Restroom / Stairwell

Font Type: Century Gothic Bold


Vendor: New Hermes Inc.
2200 Northmont Parkway
Duluth, GA 300096-5895

Braille type - Raster

ADA Material: Gravo TAC bright white 1/32" profile Part # 214-114.
Taupe back plate 1/16" Part # 216-214
This material will be used for all information signage a 2 ply process adhering to ADA standards & regulations.
Letter size for 2x4 room numbers - 3/4"
Letter size for name plates & department - 5/8"
Engraved Bronze material part # 21890 


2 x 4 room number taupe
2x4 room number taupe with raised lettering with braille

2x8 name plate with raised white lettering, taupe
2x8 name plate taupe with raised white lettering

8x8 taupe with raised white lettering and braille
8x8 taupe with raised white lettering and braille

Engraved Directory Strip
Engraved directory strip

2x8 brass desk name plate holder
2x8 brass desk name plate holder

2x8 wall mount name plate holder
2x8 brass wall-mount name plate holder


Q: Our department would like to order department signs, name plates, and directional signage; do we have a choice on location, color, or size?

A: No, Central Facilities Services Lock Shop has set standards for locations for this type of signage. Depending on wall width, this type of signage will go directly above/below room number. Installation of engraved signage on doors is prohibited. Adhesives and/or drilling will damage the surfaces of most doors on campus. We strive for conformity to better enhance the aesthetics of each building on campus. All small engraved signage should be ordered thru Customer Service and installed by Central Facilities Services Lock Shop.

Q: How do I order a name plate / holder for my desk or wall?

A: Contact your business administrator. They will gather your information such as spelling & location. A related document will need to be submitted to our Customer Service (email) with a call center number for payment. Please check spelling of name & title, we will also need a contact person, e-mail & phone number.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Customer Service will contact you via - email with the work request number assigned to this task after it is received & processed. The work request number is very important part of tracking the work or charges. The work request will go thru an approval status for budget. It is assigned to the Access Control shop technician. It is our intention to complete the work assigned as soon as possible.

Q: Why do we have to pay for it?

A: Name plates, holders, departmental signs are considered not part of the building infrastructure for maintenance by a state employee. Costs are incurred for the materials and labor to make and to install. Labor rates are by the hour and materials used are market value.

Q: Room numbers are missing, do we have to pay for them?

A: No - please call Customer Service x34948 this is considered maintenance. Room numbers are essential for Student, Faculty, Staff, and emergency personnel. This pertains only to existing missing room numbers.

Q: A remodel is in progress in our area but we do not have room numbers, what do we do?

A: All projects at the UH will have a project manager. They will be more than happy to assist.  The Facilities Information group of FP&C must be notified of any space changes including room number assignments and usage. After room identification changes are submitted, the project manager will submit a work request for the Access Control Shop to make and install signage. There is a charge for this.

Q: Can we order different colors of signage?

A: No - The University of Houston has set standards. It has been decided by committee this type of font and color will work best for all. Consideration was taken for ADA requirements. During new construction the project manager will submit approval for signage if not using the UH set standard. If approved, it will be agreed by the department that an outside vendor will be used for replacement. The department will responsible for these costs.