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How a Recoverable Request Is Processed

  1. The customer submits a billable request directly to the Customer Service Center (CSC). Requests for service work can be either called in to the CSC (FIXIT/3-4948) or email to
  2. CSC enters the customer request in the Facility Management Enterprise (FME) system and assigns the work to the appropriate shop(s).
  3. CSC sends an email confirmation and work request number to the customer for future reference.
  4. Plant Operations finance office verifies data entry for billable requests.
  5. A director or shop manager assigns the work. Appropriate shop performs tasks necessary to complete work requested.
  6. An email notification is sent to the customer when the work has been completed.
  7. Plant Operations finance office charges customer's cost center through PeopleSoft. The customer request is then closed.