Owner's Design Criteria

The University of Houston Office of Facilities Planning & Construction publishes two major reference documents relating to the design of its facilities.  The first is a set of Master Specifications intended for utilization in the development of design and construction documents for new, expanded, or renovated facilities at the University.  The second is a set of Campus Design Guidelines relating to design principles, campus materials, and building component performance expectations; these guidelines will assist the design professional in understanding what the University requires and desires in its buildings.

Supplementing these components are Classroom and General Space Standards, CADD Standards and the Facility Space Reporting Manual.  Requirements relating to UIT Telecommunication Infrastructure Standards and Building Automation System Controls (reference information maintained by other departments) are also linked here.

Architectural and Engineering consultants engaged by the University on construction projects are responsible for utilizing the proper Master Construction Specification section in the contract documents and for verifying that codes and references in the specifications are up to date and accurate.  The legal responsibility for project document preparation shall continue to reside with the Design Professional.  The Master Specifications and Campus Design Guidelines are updated twice a year.  The version of a specification section or guideline posted at the time the Project Agreement is signed shall be the version on which the construction documents and material/product purchases are based.

Facilities Planning & Construction welcomes comments, suggestions, or questions on the Owner's Design criteria.  Please send us your comment and/or question