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Plant Operations Technology Support Services

Plant Operations IT provides technical support to Plant Ops staff Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Work requests can be called into our Customer Service Center at 713-743-4948 or submitted online. Please provide us with a detailed description of the problem or computing needs (hardware, software, network, or printer). This will allow us to better assist you in researching and diagnosing the problem based upon Plant Operations Priority Support Levels.


Plant Operations IT works with UH Information Systems and Technology to provide our Plant Operations staff with optimal operating systems and network connections. This includes assistance with Outlook configuration, submission to TMS for data port installation/activation and LAN for all staff.


We provide maintenance, repair, and replacement of defective parts on UH computers, monitors, laptops, and printers.


Plant Operations computers are equipped with standard software that is supported by Plant Ops IT. If an employee requires additional software to be installed on their computer, they can request for a quote.  If the request is approved by their director and purchased by the department business administrator, we will install the software. However, we are unable to provide expertise on the software application. Non-standard software is not always supported by Plant Operations IT.

Priority Support Level

Work requests will be handled in the following priority:

  • Problems affecting the entire building
  • Problems affecting an entire server
  • Problems affecting an entire department
  • Problems affecting multiple machines
  • Server installations of software and hardware
  • Server upgrades of software and hardware
  • Workstations installations
  • Workstation upgrades
  • Installation of upgrades of drivers to support hardware


Purchasing of software, hardware, or licenses is not done through POIT. Check with your department administrators to see how purchases are handled in your area. POIT only provides specs and quotes for hardware and software.