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Jaguar Hall

Project Status: Completed
Project Budget: $9,500,000
Project Delivery: CM@R

Project Team

Project Manager: Luiza Maal
Principal PM: Katherine Miller
Planning Rep.: N/A
Programming A/E: Page Southernland Page
Design/Construction A/E: Page Southernland Page
Contractor/CM: Don Krueger Construction


The renovation will convert the main residential unit into dormitory facilities. The primary unit will be the first to be renovated followed by the demolition of the secondary unit. The full service student housing complex will be incorporating a variety of amenities and student support functions including fitness and social areas, a counseling center, student computer lab, multipurpose meeting facilities, and a full service dining area with catering services. Most of these spaces exist within the hotel and need to be renovated to satisfactory condition for housing students.

After the demolition of the secondary unit the area will be converted into a parking lot.