Bicycles on Campus

Facilities Services, UH Police Department and The Office of Sustainability partner together.



A new policy has been approved by the University of Houston regarding bicycle registration on campus in order to ensure a safe and proficient physical environment in support of students, faculty, staff and visitors. This policy will help regulate bicycle parking on campus, it describes pick-up of abandoned and seemingly abandoned bicycles, and details the removal of bicycles parked in unauthorized areas. Registration for bikes are completely free.

As part of the policy, tagging of abandoned bicycles has started this week and pick up is expected to commence in early June.

 Some highlights from the policy include:

  •  Prior to parking a bicycle on campus, every bicycle owner should register the bicycle with UHPD at
  • The Office of Sustainability continues to partner with facilities and UHPD to promote this biking information along with other resources (
  • FS and UHPD will designate a time period at least twice a year to tag bicycles and other items attached to bicycle racks (including locks) around campus that appear abandoned. Visit for more information.

 Facilities is excited to be a part of this partnership and hopes that it will increase the use of bicycles on campus.


A galvanized "ribbon rack" installed out side the Technology Annex.