Carlos Dixon Graduates Electrician Apprenticeship Program

UH Facilities Electric Shop expands employees skills


UH Facilities is proud of Electrician Helper Carlos Dixon. Dixon participated and completed the Independent Electrical Contractors School four-year Apprenticeship Program as of this summer. Since 2012, UH Electric Shop Supervisor Karl Keilbach has helped Facility Services maintain an associate membership with the IEC. This is an apprenticeship program to provide an opportunity for workers wishing to become qualified electricians to expand their skills, gain knowledge and become certified.  After graduating the program and completing the required on the job training hour’s participants are prepared to take the state license exam. Only 1 out of every 40 students have the perseverance to complete the entire four-year program.

This program functions like a regular collegiate school year. Class is one 4 hour night a week and over the course of eight semesters, the students are to complete 1,000 hours of classroom time and 8,000 on the job hours the amount of homework included averages two-hours a night. Just like most school settings, they have summers off. For individuals registered through the UH Electric Shop, tuition and books are completely paid by UH Facilities.

The career ladder for electricians at UH can start as an Electrician Helper, move to an Electrician Apprentice and then become Journeyman Electricians. Currently three students are enrolled in the program and have completed their first year. This includes Eric York, Jack Wade, and Yahir Meza. Starting the 1st year for 2017/2018 is Keith Herrling. UH Electric Shop Supervisor Karl Keilbach “The electric shop wants to promote within. The goal is to get them educated in the electrical field with the knowledge of theory, installation, repairs, and code compliancy. With the education and on the job training puts the students well on their way to becoming a state licensed certified electrician and will build an asset for the University”. We are very proud of Carlos and his dedication. We look forward to seeing his and the current students growth. UH Facilities supports continuing education and career growth and is excited to have this program in place.