Electric Shop Receives Rock Soup Award

Recognized for Hard Work, Rewarded with Fine Food

During the Administration & Finance Kick-Off event earlier this semester, the UH Facilities Electric Shop was given the Rock Soup Award. The A&F Rock Soup award recognizes a department who performed in an extraordinary manner or made an outstanding contribution to a department in enhancing efficiency or reducing costs while expending minimal resources.

On Tuesday, November 8, MD Anderson Library’s Rockwell Pavilion was the location for the Electric Shop to receive lunch as part of their award. Each of the crew members enjoyed their delicious hot meal from Catering on Cullen along with delicate desserts. They welcomed the time to rest and relax. 


After the meal, Associate Vice Chancellor/Associate Vice President of Facilities/Construction Management David Oliver spoke to the group. He shared his appreciation for the hard work the Electric Shop has done in the last year. “This award goes to a group of people that demonstrate persistence, ingenuity and basically the ability to get things done.” 

Senior Vice Chancellor/Vice President of Administration and Finance Jim McShan was also able to attend and congratulated the crew. Individual certificates were presented to each crew member along with a plaque to Supervisor Karl Keilbach. 

As part of their time together, it was decided that they would attempt the mannequin challenge. Challenge completed.     

Electric Shop Crew

Karl Keilbach, Dale Tubb, Chris Pettay, Jevae Tijero, Aaron Rife, Ron Gonyea, Sonny Pope, Greg Warren, Mario Plascencia, David Davila, Sr., Gerardo Iniwan, Phillip Jackson, James Richards, Glenn Roberts, Jack Wade, Jose Rubio, Bill Wilkins, Mark Stevenson, Nanad Maric, Morgan Murphy, Carlos Dixon, Ladandy Sneed, Yahir Meza, Keith Herrling, Erik York