Facilities Management: Enhancing the Student Experience

In contemplating the student experience on a university campus, one often thinks in terms of student orientation, academic coursework, social interactions, final exams, and ultimately, graduation – often forgetting the importance of the physical built environment as part of that experience. The University understands the impact the built environment can have on student success and accomplishment and as steward, the University works tirelessly to conserve, sustain, and future plan for the university’s facilities and grounds. Facilities Management plays a significant role in this stewardship process. The following is a list of completed and ongoing campus projects and initiatives focusing on cleaning, lighting, space management, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, painting and flooring, life safety and security, elevators, windows, grounds, signage, and even the Koi pond.

Total FM Projects Completed in 2012 54
Total Number of FM Projects Ongoing 48
Total 102

Completed Project Highlights 

(June 2012 through November 2012)

Interior Projects

  • Classroom buildings project cleaning
  • Whiteboard and chalkboard replacement
  • Light bulb and fixture replacement and cleaning in all classrooms
  • Cemo Hall Classroom/Auditorium Electrical Upgrades
  • Computing Center and General Services Building, Security Access System Upgrade
  • College of Architecture, Room 435A Renovation
  • College of Architecture, Access Security Upgrade
  • Engineering 2, Room W345, Server Lab HVAC
  • Heyne classroom room 203
  • Hilton Continuing Education – Renewal of all classrooms
  • Fine Arts classroom room 110
  • M.D. Anderson Library Red Wing new storefront entrance
  • Science Research I, room 607-G – Convert lab to student study room 
  • Science Research I, room 128 – Convert classroom to student study room
  • Technology II classroom 105
  • M.D. Anderson Library room 106 – Convert room for ADA student use
  • Technology – Install projection screens
  • SHRL TV Security Upgrade – Installation of electronic security devices
  • Moody Tower Computer Room Renovation – Renovation of the Moody Tower C-Store
  • Moody Tower Sanitary System Repair
  • Quadrangle Security Upgrades
  • M.D. Anderson Library Video Wall
  • Moody Tower Security Upgrade
  • SHRL Laundry Room Upgrades
  • Calhoun Lofts Apartment Terrance/Lounge Security Upgrade
  • Cougar Village Elevator Controls Upgrade
  • Moody Tower Elevator Modernization Phase I
  • Quadrangle HVAC Repairs
  • Campus Recreation Center
  • Clinical Research Center
  • Farish Hall – Remodeling of existing Suite 112
  • Krost Hall – Renovated existing book stack area

Exterior Projects

  • Fine Arts Refresh
  • Metal fencing and rails
  • Power washing of exterior campus way-finding signage
  • Fire hydrant and fire hose sites
  • Interior Campus Curb cut painting, weeding and cleanup near curbs
  • Parking lot maintenance –selective asphalt and concrete repair and resurfacing
  • Campus fountain refreshing – drained, cleaned and painted fountains
  • General grounds and landscaping repairs – Bare spots and “cow paths”
  • Kiosk installation – This project added five additional kiosk locations
  • Trash can lid replacement
  • Campus Cleanup Day Event – July event 100 faculty, staff and student volunteers collected more than 732 pounds of waste, an increase of 23% from last year’s event
  • Houston Science Center
  • University Center, Roof Repair
  • Houston Science Center
  • Install exterior bike racks – College of Business
  • Calhoun Lofts – Repair window leaks
  • Architecture library room 106 – Install A.D.A. door operator on entrance door
  • Trailer Village – Temporary parking lot, located adjacent to the Law Center
  • Temporary Parking Lot at Law Center – Installed site lighting for student safety/security
  • Y-Building Parking – Convert Y-building concrete slab to temp parking for students
  • Y-Building Deconstruction and Law Center Parking

Planned Project Highlights

(Completion Winter 2012)

Interior Projects

  • Refresh Classroom buildings project cleaning
  • Classroom Count Furniture and Repair Review – all classrooms (general maintenance)
  • Furnish and Installation of projectors and related equipment
  • Cameron –repair exterior façade issues and prevent water infiltration
  • Engineering Lecture Hall
  • Cameron Sound Abatement for rooms 103 and 105
  • Engineering Lecture Hall room W122
  • Moody Tower Conference Room Renovation
  • Wortham Theatre Fire Sprinkler Installation
  • Melcher Hall, Room 102 and 111 HVAC Upgrade
  • Student Services Center I & II and Health Center -- Fire Alarm System Upgrade
  • M.D. Anderson Library
  • College of Business classroom podium modifications
  • M.D. Anderson Library pilot Lactation room/Mother’s Room
  • Athletic Center 
  • Melcher Gym/Charter School
  • SERC
  • Science and Research 1 – Renovated Lab 41 for equipment/research relocation
  • Science and Research 1 – Renovating Labs 138/140
  • Farish Hall Restroom Renovation – (anticipated completion:  March 2013)

Exterior Projects

  • College Of Technology ADA Automatic Door Installation
  • Architecture East Loading dock entry doors
  • Calhoun Lofts, Repair Roof Top Units (RTUs)
  • Refurbish Campus Directories: Frame repairs, replace Plexiglas, maps, painting and cleaning
  • Campus wide: Numerous broken window replacement and repairs – ongoing for safety and appearance
  • Library Cow Path Repair: Install new plantings and repair damaged turf for cow path
  • Miscellaneous Utility Landscape Repair:  Repair areas disturbed by utility repair work
  • Koi Pond Refresh

Ongoing FM Maintenance and Renewal Commitments

  • Classroom Custodial Coordinator – full-time classroom support position will manage and track custodial facility inspections, implement quality assurance processes, and oversee cleaning projects starting in Spring 2013
  • Maintenance Technicians – two full-time maintenance technicians will provide classroom preventive maintenance, classroom furniture repair, and level one (non-technical) repair services
  • Annual winter and summer classroom cleaning (summer full clean, winter refresh) through the utilization of contracted cleaning companies
  • Inventory and repair/replacement of broken or damaged classroom furniture – furniture inventory will be conducted during winter break with repairs or replacement occurring as quickly as possible thereafter

Please contact Susan Vail, Senior Project Manager, 713-743-5249, svail@Central.UH.EDU, or Melissa Rockwell-Hopkins, Executive Director, mrockwel@central.uh.edu, 713-743-8750, with questions or if additional information is required. 

The UH Facilities Management mission is to provide responsible and quality stewardship for the long term preservation and growth of the university’s physical assets through the unified delivery of planned work, while remaining cost effective and competitive.  The FM core values -- Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Teaming, Accountability and Service (PRITAS) – support these goals.  To learn more about the programs and services of Facilities Management, please visit the website at http://uh.edu/plantops/departments/fm/ or visit Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/UniversityOfHoustonPlantOperations.