Science Teaching Lab (STL) Fourth Floor South Completion

Construction of the lab space on the fourth floor of the Science Teaching Lab Building (STL) has been completed.  The space is approximately 9,700 square feet of new Chemistry research labs and offices.  Two vital research teams will be relocating into the new space from other buildings on campus.

Dr. Chengzhi Cai – Dr. Cai’s research involves organic synthesis, organic thin films, surface functionalization and nanochemistry. In addition to the fundamental studies, this group also works with  collaborators to solve suitable and significant biological and biomedical problems.

Dr. Arnold Guloy – Dr. Guloy’s research involves the syntheses and characterization of crystalline solid materials with novel structures and unique properties. This group has embarked on exploring three relatively uncharted areas, namely; a) crystalline organic-inorganic hybrid compounds, b) polar intermetallics and Zintl phases, and c) soluble Zintl anions.

STL 4th Floor Lab    STL 4th Floor Lab

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